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In this website-Chess-Theory you will soon find a selection of pages illustrating our main projects helping you understand a little better who we are ... These pages will be seriously improved in the future, whatever the case may be, for any additional questions relating to the themes Antoine Bruneau, webmaster of New-Chess-Theory, go to our contact page.
I resume and rebuild 10 years after the death of my father, the site he had created and which had 3,000 pages. Huge project, so be patient.
Beyond a good understanding of the three phases recognized in a game of chess: opening, development of rooms and control of the center predominate; The mid-game, where alternate maneuvers in defense and in attack against the king of the opponent The end of the game, the, usually, with the exchange of pieces, and often the promotion of pawns for the King's Mat.
We will discover theories that are fueled, and that you want to have, to progress.

Antoine Bruneau