Gambit de la Dame Refusé ; Défense Orthodoxe.

X0 1.d4 X1 d5 X2 2.c4 X3 e6 X4 3.Nc3 X5 Nf6 X6 4.Bg5 X7 Nbd7 X8 5.e3 X9 Be7 X10 6.Nf3 X11 0-0 X12 7.Be2!? X13

An unusual move. [ The critical line is : 7.Rc1 X14 c6 X15 8.Bd3 X16 dxc4 X17 9.Bxc4 X18 Nd5 X19 10.Bxe7 X20 Qxe7 X21 11.0-0 X22 Nxc3 X23 12.Rxc3 X24 like in the game Kramnik, V. (1807) - Deep Fritz 1/2-1/2. D68 Man vs machine (Brains in Bahrain) 19.10.2002. Then it' s recommended to play 12...e5 X25 in view to solve the problem of Black' s bishop c8.]

7...h6 X26 8.Bf4?! X27

Better is exchanging in f6. [ An other alternative is : 8.Bh4 X28 c6 X29 9.0-0 X30 Ne4 X31 10.Bxe7 X32 Qxe7 X33 11.Qc2 X34 c5? X35 12.Nxe4 X36 dxe4 X37 13.Qxe4 X38 f5 X39 14.Qc2+- X40 Yvonne, Saina - Bel Quassen, Wafa 1-0 D56 Africa Ch-U18 30.12.2003.]

8...dxc4 X41 9.Bxc4 X42 c5! X43

Black has an active game.

10.0-0 X44 b6?! X45 11.Re1+/= X46

[ 11.d5! X47 is most accurate : 11...e5 X48 12.Bxe5 X49 Nxe5 X50 13.Nxe5 X51 Qd6+/- X52 ]

11...Bb7 X53 12.Nb5 X54 Nd5 X55 13.Bxd5 X56 Bxd5 X57 14.Ne5?! X58

[ 14.e4! is the good way to maintain a little White' s X59 advantage. For exemple : 14...Bc6 X60 15.Nd6 X61 Nf6 X62 16.dxc5 X63 bxc5 X64 17.Rc1+/= X65 ]

14...Nxe5 X66 15.dxe5 X67 Qd7 X68 16.Qg4!? X69

This knight' s sacrifice is interesting but not really sufficient to permit White to obtain a winning position. [ 16.Nd6= X70 ]

16...Qxb5 X71 17.Bxh6 X72 g6 X73

The only move!

18.f4?? X74

[ 18.e4 X75 Bb7 X76 19.Bxf8 X77 Bxf8 X78 20.b3-/+ X79 ]

18...Be4 X80 19.a4?! X81 Qc6 X82

[ 19...Qxb2-+ X83 is the winning move.]

20.Rf1 X84 Bf5 X85 21.Qe2 X86 Rfd8 X87 22.g4? X88

[ 22.Rfe1-+ X89 ]

22...Bd3 X90

Now it' s clear White lost the game.

23.Qf2 X91 Bxf1 X92 24.Rxf1 X93 Qe4 X94 25.f5 X95 Qxg4+ X96 26.Kh1 X97 exf5 X98 27.Rg1 X99 Qe4+ X100 28.Rg2 X101 Rd1+ X102 29.Qg1 X103 Rxg1+ X104 30.Kxg1 0-1